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Sunday 11 May 2014

Alternative view of MiHsC

Geoff Robbins, with his blog Artificial Philosophy, has taken the time to understand and write an informed and well-balanced report on MiHsC. It's fascinating, to me, to see a different viewpoint, and I accept his conclusions that MiHsC is as yet a mathematical sketch (on my artistic side I've always been fond of pencil-sketching & cartoons). He also makes the point that MiHsC is not an entire reboot of physics but, of course, builds on and extends the structure that already exists (into the newly explored low acceleration regime). His report can be found here, finished off nicely with a clip of the 'external inertial dampener' scene from Abrams' 2009 Star Trek. Thanks Geoff.

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Geoff said...

Many thanks Mike.

As a foot note, my background is a year of undergrad physics back in 1994 and then 20 years of being a bit of a geek and following the subject as a hobby - I regularly read through arXiv papers I find of interest but rarely feel I understand them to the extent where I feel confident blogging it to a general audience without misinterpreting or misrepresenting something - your blog is an excellent mid-level translation which helped to clarify several things, ditto your engagement on Twitter.

I know there's lots of debate over the pros and cons of social media in "serious" academic work, so please consider this a big yes vote for your approach to it.