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Monday 22 October 2018

Quantised Inertia Needs You!

It was not long ago that I myself was trying to get a full time post, now, not only do I have one but I am offering a post-doctoral position. So, if you are good at the numerical modelling of the interaction between em radiation and physical systems, preferably using COMSOL/Java, you fully understand what is behind the terms Unruh radiation and Rindler horizons, and you are keen to help with the conquest of space by helping to develop an 'electric rocket' for much safer, cheaper launch and propellant-less thrust in space (ie: saving both the planet and the human race) then this job advert is for you:

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Research Fellow in Modelling Propellantless Thrust, University of Plymouth, UK.

We are seeking an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher with excellent skills in physics & numerical modelling, to develop a predictive model based on a ground-breaking theory called quantised inertia. The numerical model will be used to design a new kind of thruster.

The new theory suggests that inertia is caused by an interaction between Unruh radiation and matter. It explains, for example, galaxy rotation without dark matter, but in order to enable accurate experimental tests of the theory, it must be fully coded into a numerical model that can predict exactly how Unruh radiation will push on any given configuration of matter. Your role will be to do this coding.

You must have a PhD in physics, experience in translating physics into numerical models, an understanding of the interaction between radiation and matter, quantum mechanics and relativity. Experience of COMSOL and java will be an advantage.

You will work with Dr Mike McCulloch. The post includes short trips to Dresden (Germany) and Madrid (Spain) to liaise with groups who are setting up experiments.

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It's not every day you get a well-paid chance to make history.
In order to apply please go to:  Link


Mark In Mayenne said...

Following your blog with interest. Please keep posting

Andrew Jaremko said...

Congratulations! Let the experiments begin, and the real data begin flowing! I look forward to results - whatever they may be.

Speaking of data, the wide binaries data is very interesting as well. The dark matter adherents will have to put intelligence into the way it clumps to account for that amount of structure.

Gaaark said...

LolGood for you: can't wait until dark matter is put to rest.
Keep blogging, PLEASE! :)

Gaaark said...
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Simon Derricutt said...

Great stuff Mike! I hope you get the person you need.

Unknown said...

Excellent; I just wish I were younger and could help out.

mikenyc said...

Have you now found a postdoc?