I've suggested (& published in 21 journal papers) a new theory called quantised inertia (or MiHsC) that assumes that inertia is caused by horizons damping quantum fields. It predicts galaxy rotation & lab thrusts without any dark stuff or adjustment. My University webpage is here, I've written a book called Physics from the Edge and I'm on twitter as @memcculloch. Most of my content is at patreon now: here

Tuesday 27 July 2021

How to Predict (Almost) Everything

Well, my title is a little cheeky but I think it's fair to say that if physicists and engineers actually knew what quantised inertia predicts, that they just can't, then they'd start work on it tomorrow. So here is a sort of abridged summary:

QI predicts the recently-observed cosmic acceleration perfectly without needing any infusions of invented dark energy. QI explains why the universe is flat (PE=KE) and always has been, so gets rid of the need to imagine our particular era is 'special'. QI predicts the value of the gravity constant G from the cosmic mass and scale and speed of light. This means that physics has lost a free parameter and has become simpler for the first time since 1905. QI predicts galaxy rotation, and specifically why the oddities always begin at a particular acceleration. MoND has to input this acceleration, QI does not - it predicts it itself. QI further predicts the observed variation of this critical acceleration with cosmic time. QI predicts the low-l CMB anomaly in which it looks like the longest waves in the cosmos are smoothed out, and the CMB peaks as well, but not their heights. It predicts a relation between the area of something and its mass. QI predicts the first, and a few others of the quantised redshifts seen by Halton Arp - the others may appear when we look at other electron transitions. It shows why the Magellanic clouds appear to have broken free of the Milky Way but have left a 'stream' behind them that curves around the galaxy implying they are still bound. QI predicts the motion of wide binary stars which show identical anomalies to galaxies when they are far apart, and orbit below the critical acceleration. Dark matter can't explain them because it can't be packed into the small scales of binaries and still predict large galaxies. You can't have it both ways, so dark matter can now hit the road. QI predicts the very beautiful shape of Hoag's object which is almost like a poster child for the theory. It predicts the orbit of our neighbour Proxima Centauri, which is orbiting far too fast, just like those wide binaries and the larger galaxies. QI predicts the bending of light by the Sun, just as general relativity does, but it is successful with galaxies too, which GR is not. QI predicts relativistic jets in galaxies and so gets rid of the contrived & complex, and conveniently invisible, black hole explanation. QI predicts the Casimir effect, the emdrive, Mach effect thrusters and the asymmetric and symmetric capacitor thrusters that half the planet thinks are hoaxes and half think are the saviours of mankind. It predicts some aspects of the Podkletnov gravity shielding effects, which are much maligned but were published in good journals and have not yet been falsified. QI predicts the test results from my lab in Spain who observed thrust from a laser loop, shielded on one side. If this is confirmed then we become an interstellar species, which would be timely! QI predicts the photons seen coming out of the Dynamical Casimir Effect. It provides an explanation for cold fusion, or LENR if you prefer, and for the excess light seen coming out of nanocavities. A new source of energy from the vacuum? Similarly it predicts sonoluminescence. QI provides a new way to understand pair production and it predicts the ratio between the proton and electron mass, and the Planck mass. QI provides the first ever intuitive explanation for inertia which has always been brushed under the carpet in physics.

To finish, QI is conceptually challenging but technically very simple & can be used to predict a massive range of phenomena. I am writing a book to detail all this which might be called 'The Empiricist Strikes Back' or 'How to Predict (Almost) Everything'. Now I should say that of course I do not necessarily believe every anomaly listed here, but I think this list, which has taken me 15 years to present, implies something!


SkyLoop said...

Best thing you have ever written.

schmeeh said...

"How to Predict (Almost) Everything" is the better of those 2 book titles. Looking forward to it!

Nick said...

It puzzels me how your theory isn't more popular.

Simon Derricutt said...

Mike - with so many successes, it's odd that your theory hasn't been more noticed. Then again, there's a lot of money in the search for Dark Matter, and a lot of well-paid people who'd need to find another source of income if what they've been working on for years is exposed as non-existent. It's easier to refuse to look through the telescope (Galileo's accusers).

Apart from the ability to produce a space-drive and thus make space exploration a lot cheaper, those non-reactive drives can also be used to produce energy on Earth. Seems like science fiction, but the experimental evidence is there and just needs developing to improve the amount of force that can be produced.

15 years really isn't that long to develop an idea that changes the world so drastically.

Philosopher Rex said...

I think QI is getting a lot of notice - I've even heard it mentioned on Tim Pool's show on youtube ... but those who've built their careers on DM aren't going to turn on a dime.

Patience and the continued verification of QI, plus the continued failures of DM will eventually bring the recalcitrant around.

George Soli said...

QI also predicts the measured local Hubble constant of H0 = 72.81 [km/s-Mpc] measured with EDE SPA20. See https://www.researchgate.net/publication/353343422_Thermodynamics_and_Cosmology_for_Quantised_Inertia_Experimenters
George Soli

Unknown said...

looking forward to the book :)

Ireland as seen from America said...

This is a lot of prediction! Let me know when the book is available and I'll buy it right away. I'll even pre-order it, and then call all of the libraries around, and my Alma Mater's Library (the world's largest circulating library) and ask them to order it.

Why isn't QI getting more attention? Why is it, and you, constantly being ignored or maligned? Because of politics. I don't want to go on at length regarding this, but you're not a pop-Sci TV star or arrogant attention-seeking egotist, and you're going up against a lot of people who are these and have lots of vested interests in keeping you muffled. I think that it will be the technologists and inventors, the pragmatic people, that start utilizing QI, quietly and stealthily, until the obviousness of the truth is no longer concealable and there will be a sudden 'Sea Change' which will see the old order thrown out and QI celebrated. Hopefully this will happen while you and I are still alive. I have hope, but not expectation.


Richard Mansell said...

Great work, Dr. McCulloch.

Our team has purchased and "devoured" your book, Physics from the Edge. They have greatly enjoyed it and would enjoy another book.

Do you think that some of the push back might be from Big Bang proponents? If I understand your theory correctly, it not only predicts/explains a number of celestial phenomena, but also seems to eliminate a number of assumptions that support a Big Bang beginning. Is that correct?

joesixpack said...

Hi Dr Mike,

Have you looked at the Japanese microwave thrusters that have been reported upon in the news lately?

Keani said...

You said that the universe is flat and that there is no need for dark energy, so does your theory predicts a non-expanding ever existing universe without beginning? like does your theory supports a universe that always existed and so the past is infinite?

SkyLoop said...


TeckaCZ said...

I just ran into the notion of torsion based, not curvature based version of General Relativity, started, but not really finished by Einstein, as an early attempt for Unified field theory. And it seems, that this model can be tweaked to allow some quite QI-ish effects - namely, the can be version of it without equivalence between inertial and gravitational masses.

"Teleparallelism refers to any theory of gravitation based upon this framework. There is a particular choice of the action which makes it exactly equivalent[9] to general relativity, but there are also other choices of the action which are not equivalent to GR. In some of these theories, there is no equivalence between inertial and gravitational masses."


I know QI is quite different for GR-class theories, because it takes into account also distance to cosmic horizon (which both GR and GR-|| probably consider just infinite), but it would be still interesting to know, if some version of GR-|| and QI can agree on some predictions (maybe?)