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Tuesday 13 June 2023

A Foresight Workshop in San Francisco

Last week I traveled all the way to San Francisco to attend the Foresight Institute's Space Workshop. The meeting was held at the HQ of the 50 Years VC firm by the Randall Museum. It was a modern building and very St Francis: soft pillows, intense light, vegetarian buffets (nice!), beautiful views, small nooks with Buddha statues in them... The atmosphere was relaxed but highly organised.

I gave my talk, saying that QI has been proven without a doubt in space (galaxies and wide binaries), it predicts that we can get propellant-less thrust, lab tests are backing this which means we can get a probe to the Oort cloud in a year and Proxima Centauri in 10 or so. They also asked me for a challenge and offhand I said "How to fund a Horizon Institute to work on and apply QI". I felt then that this was a little selfish, but given I am losing my university post, it was the problem I had come here to solve so I let it stand. Anyway, several people voted for it and it came second and was combined with Robert Zubrin's challenge for a Mars Institute to work on colonisation by doing things first on Earth and Creon Levit's welcome plan for the Mavericks' Institute. We were called Team 1.

The next day we had a grievance session in which Zubrin repeated his interesting comment that NASA has the same budget in the 2010s it had in the 60s for Apollo but is no longer "storming the heavens", and there should be a property office for space to encourage space mining and a new gold rush. Creon Levit said that universities and institutions no longer tolerate mavericks, which is very true. I pointed out that after I published something on the Podkletnov effect I was banned from the arXiv, which is not to say I necessarily believe the Podkletnov effect, but an academic must have the right to look at anomalies without cancellation, otherwise the old theories are never going to be tested and improved.

We were then divided into our Teams. Team 1 met: Creon Levit, Robert Zubrin, Larry Lemke & I. In the relaxed surroundings and leadership from Creon, the group decided the best way forward was for Larry to test a QI capacitor drive in a 1U cubesat setup. Geffen Avraham then sat down next to me and offered to launch it! I offered of course to provide advice. Put the right people together on a comfy sofa and see what happens. We presented our plan to all, as did other groups, and there was a vote using Feynman Bucks. Our plan won the nominal 1st Prize of $3000.

The other groups had suggested projects involving Mike Grace's shoot-cargo-into-space (a brilliant idea that fits his larger than life character perfectly and that he is developing - he took people to see his hypersonic accelerator), proving on-orbit robot manufacture by building a long space stick (astronomer Martin Elvis was not happy) , investigating the biological dangers of colonising Mars, and the Mars Institute devoted to doing it (Zubrin and Carol Stoker have a long running debate about this). As a coda, it was suggested in jest that we could combine all these, by launching with Mike Grace's space gun, building the stick, using QI to get it to Mars, whereupon Carol Carol and Zubrin could debate whether it should land.

Overall, it was a great example of how a shared vision, a relaxing environment and first class organisation can lead to positive results. Thank you to the Foresight Team.

PS: Thanks to a doctor, a nurse & the flight crew on my way to San Francisco who probably saved my life.


phildelltablet said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update, the experiment you talked about has been launched,

Regarding your university position , is this a tenure thing?

Finally see my comment on the other thread - if G changed the size of stars would change ( as the equilibrium is between nuclear pressure and gravity - I read that in Kip Thorne's book when at school...).

It does raise the question, what is in the extra space we seem to have....


SkyLoop said...

Most important news/development/comment this year:

2nd sentence, 4th paragraph

The lineup says a lot about your stature in their eyes. That moment ushered another world!

Mike McCulloch said...

PhildelTablet: The launch went ahead, but the QI drive was not included - the launch has been postponed to October. See IVO's announcements.

Regarding my academic post, I'm losing it because I'm publishing on fundamental physics at a university that does not have physics. Mismatch. Also, there has been some friction with HR due to my political opinions, and possibly due to my controversial physics as well.

Interesting point about the size of stars. Another observation to look for.

Mike Warot said...

I'm sorry you had a rough time on your flight. I'm glad you're ok.

phildelltablet said...

Hi Mike,

Well the drive is a good piece of experimental evidence to get working - look forward to it.

Sorry your university is being political - the fact you can peer review is not enough, they want $$ and compliance.


Alexandre said...

The company's communication about the postponement of the orbital tests of its new propulsion engine is unusually minimal.

The fact that this cancellation was announced after the Falcon 9 launch is in itself a clear misleading stance. If the IVO payload was removed, this would have happened weeks or months before the launch was scheduled to go ahead.

In fact, this situation forces the misinformed public to believe that the reasons for such a change are deliberately opaque.

Simon Derricutt said...

Alexandre - IVO told me that the supplier of their bus had informed them there was a batch problem of excess power-draw, and so they withdrew their test launch. Turned out that that was a problem with the unit, so it would have failed had it been launched, so they will be changing the bus for a good one and putting it on the next flight. The drive itself was functional. Better to do this than show a failure in orbit, which most people would interpret as the drive itself failing.

Yep, sad this happened and we need to wait longer for a space test, but errors happen. Good that it was caught before the launch.

Alexandre said...


Oh, if it was due to a power consumption anomaly detected on the IVO payload bus, that may explain why it was detected late in launch preparation.

Certainly, this type of cargo mission with many independent experiences is prone to any kind of malfunction.

Thanks for the information.

Alexandre said...

A 'Quantum Inertia Propulsion Device' (QIPD) is said to have been qualified on the ground.
My understanding is that the QIPD was the source of a static force on a test balance. But this test balance is in a fixed position relative to the Earth in the orbit of a free-falling object around the Sun. And the complex of QIPD, balance and Earth is in fact also a free-falling device that is not subject to any acceleration at all.

So, strictly speaking, we cannot say that we have seen the QIPD on the ground experiencing any real acceleration.

It is the same situation as a device exerting a force on a balance through its own gravitational weight. This gravitational weight is a real static force which cannot accelerate the device once it is detached from the balance: the device remains in a state of free fall on its geodesic in the universe due to gravitational interaction with the Earth and the Sun.

For this reason, the only meaningful test is to show, for example, that the QIPD can actually change its orbit once it is in orbit. I think this kind of test could also be done on the ground using a vacuum free-fall tower test facility, which used to be quite common for testing space conditions. The expected thrust from the QIPD could increase or decrease its free fall time in the vacuum tower.

George Soli said...

Hi Mike: I verified that your 50 degrees C operating temperature is the blackbody entanglement requirement and not Fowler-Nordheim at temperature. In my computation the temperature only slightly increased the quantum tunneling current. Remember that I wrote to Germany saying that they needed to heat your Unruh shields to make them work, but I never heard back from them?

Philosopher Rex said...

Sounds like some interesting things are happening Dr. McCulloch. Hope you are doing well and you find a new position soon.


Alexandre said...

Meanwhile, a 1.4 billion euro Euclid satellite has recently been launched to study the distribution of black matter and black energy by scanning part of the celestial sphere in the visible and infrared radiation bands.
But there is no budget in Europe to support real scientific thinking of a free spirit like Quantized Inertia.

Derk_73-11 said...

" PS: Thanks to a doctor, a nurse & the flight crew on my way to San Francisco who probably saved my life. "

Mike, ¿What happened to you?.

Mike McCulloch said...

Derk: On my flight from London to San Francisco, I suddenly, over Greenland, found I could not void my bladder. The flight crew determined either they needed to reroute the plane (to where?) or put a catheter in me. Very luckily the BA flight had one (unsterilised tho) and there was a good Dr & nurse aboard who did it. Saved my life, but painful! After landing, they had to do it again, sterilised! Nevertheless I turned up to the Foresight Space Workshop the next day.

Derk_73-11 said...

",,,Blogger Mike McCulloch said...
Derk: On my flight from London to San Francisco, I suddenly, over Greenland, ,,,,"

Mycke, I am much older than you, 62.

Since 2019, I follow this blog, and follow you.

Mike, Mike,,,,,,,, for now, we, are linked to this wonderful hardware called biology.

On 01-2022, I has been on the beach of the dead, but 'some', rescue me.

Mike, I am a science man since 1980.

Scientifically, I could not survive (COVID), but 'some', healed my lungs, in a week,,,,


Be careful, you have studied a lot of event-horizons, yes,,,,,,, but there is a true event horizon, after which, no one can transfer information.


Take many, many, C-Vitamin, stay with your wife, with your son (I remember you had).

Enjoy life, a gift from,,, 'some',,,,,,

You may remember I am opposed to your theory, QI, for the light, deep , has give me my own scientific way on this (I always have been amazing with inertia, always,,,,,,).

All violation of momentum conservation,,,,,,,, is bad for universe, it allows paradox similar to time travel,,,,,,

Not for being a newton law.

newton is nothing, nobody, to tell us what universe is, he just uncovered a small layer, and thanks to the big, big work, of others (Galileo, Keppler,,,).

No, I do not accept the 'authority argument', on science.

And you, a non.mainstreaming scientific (As was John Bell, other big, big, and before, poor iris man), are best qualified to uncover what thousands of 'white neek' workers of CERN,,,,, with its QFT, and so,,,,,,, do.

The electric candle was not discovered by the best specialist on gas-candles,,,,,,,

The first to fly, where not big imperator (No one Faraon, no Ateca kings, no Napoleon, no Ar, no Genghis Khan), where not big university teams,,,,, where scooter men, on a USA beach,,,,

I respect you Mike, but accept life, is also precious,,,,,,,,,

Make a lot of pisss,,,,,,,, a lot of,,,, until all your hardware get absolutely OK.

¿Remember when as children toy a game as to what children go more far with pisss?.

Do it (But on secret, of course).

Strong Hug Mike.

(And give a wonderful gift to nurse, creww,,,,,,,).

Antonio Javier ,


John C. Aldrin said...

Mike, guessing you've seen this already, but very curious to see your take on this new observational work for low gravity with wide binary stars:

Breakdown of the Newton–Einstein Standard Gravity at Low Acceleration in Internal Dynamics of Wide Binary Stars
Kyu-Hyun Chae1

Published 2023 July 24 • © 2023. The Author(s). Published by the American Astronomical Society.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 952, Number 2
Citation Kyu-Hyun Chae 2023 ApJ 952 128
DOI 10.3847/1538-4357/ace101

ED said...

All, where is the next meeting planned?

Christian K. said...

This looks like further confirmation that your theory is much closer to actual physics:

Christian K. said...

This looks like further confirmation that your theory is much closer to actual physics:

Nick said...

Hello Mike,

Is the payload that was scheduled for June still going up next month?


Alexandre said...

Corresponding SpaceX launch is scheduled on the 7th November 2023.