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Tuesday 6 February 2024

The 18th Birthday of Quantised Inertia

Recently, last Thursday, it was the 18th Birthday of Quantised Inertia. Back then, in 2006 I was a humble ocean and wave modeller at the UK Met Office in Exeter, with a hobby of thinking about physics in the evenings. It was on the 1st February, 2006 that I first realised that Newton’s First Law was slightly wrong (ie: QI) and that this was a big step

I gave my first talk on QI (then I called it MiHsC) later that year at the Alternative Gravities Conference at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh where I had the last talk, and I nearly did not get to speak as they all wanted to go to the pub! In 2007 I published the first paper on QI. One of my colleagues at the Met Office told me I shouldn’t have such grandiose dreams, weathermen should stay below Karman Line. I submitted anyway and my first paper on QI was accepted by MNRAS (a prestigious astronomical journal). The reviewer was delightfully amused that I’d used the term ‘forecast’ instead of ‘predict’ and did not quite believe QI, he said, but he also said it was better than the alternatives he'd seen already published, so why not publish?

By 2008, I’d published enough papers to leave the Met Office and get into academia at Plymouth University, lecturing in geomatics (the maths of positioning in space) which was a subject vague enough to fit. I enjoyed the teaching, and my courses on GPS Positioning stimulated me to develop a better way to formulate QI, using uncertainty in position and information. I finally managed to show that QI predicts galaxy rotation without dark matter which is a massive result, and very clear in that even the onset of the anomaly is predicted well, and I was invited by World Scientific to publish a monograph.

In some papers I mentioned producing thrust from QI, and a few years later DARPA got in touch (2016), said they'd been "following my work for some time", and invited me to apply for funds. I applied and won $1.3M to test for what I’d predicted: thrust from highly accelerated objects in cavities. We first tried photon cavities. I used labs in Germany and Spain, which I was soon unable to visit due to covid, but the photons were too light (pun intended) to work. Fortunately along came engineers Becker and Bhatt who'd read my papers and they suggested electron cavities instead (capacitors). That seemed to work in their lab and IVO Ltd (Richard Mansell) confirmed and improved on it. I managed to get DARPA funds to Plymouth to replicate it with engineer Richard Arundal (a paper is in review) and now IVO have launched a test into space via SpaceX and Rogue Space Systems! Another recent development is that Lynch et al. (2021) have finally confirmed Unruh radiation using CERN data. Morgan Lynch emailed me excitedly to tell me. This is good for QI, which has been assuming its existence for 18 years!

Now I am temporarily between jobs, busy with new QI books (one sci-fi and one text book) and papers, but given the crazy acceleration of the past few years, there is some relief in pausing to decide how best to progress. QI (my hobby) is so big now: a radical change to physics, thrust, clean energy, interstellar travel... It needs development for the sake of getting humanity to the next level, yes, but to avoid burn out I do need to get back to the feeling that this is a deep scientific exploration & not just the race of all time.

Keep Calm and Quantise Inertia!


Big Island said...

Happy Birthday!
QI is all grown up now and open to innovative engineering.
Best wishes for the future.

George Soli said...

QI on its 18th birthday has left a profonde mark on physics. The first, and most obvious way because inertia is related to gravity, is quantum gravity. Of all the possible quantum gravity theories QI selects the one that also predicts the correct masses of all fundamental particles in the standard model. In cosmology QI predicts that stochastic Unruh vacuum energy is real and predicts dark energy. The Unruh vacuum energy that will power your car and light your house. The stochastic nature of QI solves the measurement problem in quantum mechanics and leads to the idea that QI is encoded into all of classical physics in the classical limit of QI stochastic quantum mechanics. QI also puts the singularity back into the big bang and predicts what is now being discovered to be true in cosmology with the JWST. Going even deeper QI puts an arrow to time and a rigidity that is the keel in the sailboat analogy of the quantum drive. Happy Birthday QI and thank you!

Philosopher Rex said...

You're doing great work Dr. McCulloch. Thank you for not giving up and continuing to advance your excellent ideas.

Gaaark said...

You say; "Keep Calm and Quantise Inertia!"

I say: "Allons-y!"

Or to quote the First Doctor, who may have been talking to Dark Matter theorists:
"Your ideas are too narrow, too crippled. I am a citizen of the universe, and a gentleman, to boot!"

Unknown said...

Scott Manley mentioned QI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL0lT941wu8
skeptical, but willing to see proof.

Phlogiston said...

Really sorry to read about the failure of the Barry-1 satellite power system before proof of the Quantum Drive.


What other QD satellite rides are scheduled?

Bob said...

Probably going to need to get experimental proof closer to home such as generating a little energy.